Boston weekly photo #18:

Unfortunately, I’ve missed a couple of weeks due to travel, but I’m glad to be back at it. Boston’ Bruins are clipping along quite well in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, so I thought I’d share a photo I took some time ago near their home at TD Garden. This statue immortalizes a goal scored by Bruin great Bobby Orr – it is one of the most famous goals in the history of the Bruins, the NHL, and hockey as a whole.

Boston’s Beauty

Boston weekly photo #17:


Boston’s beauty has really been showing lately. The trees have started to pop with color and the air smells a little sweeter as a result. This picture was taken near on a small waterway between the Charles River and Storrow Drive in Boston proper.

Back to Normal

Boston week photo #16:

City view

This is simply a photo showing part of the Boston skyline I took recently. The city is trying hard to go back to normal after the events that took place over the past 5 days. Boston and the surrounding cities are truly resilient; people are out enjoying a beautiful spring day all the while remembering those who were most deeply affected by the tragic events. We’re all hoping that the nonsense has come to an end after the incredibly brave and heroic effort put forth by our local, state and federal law enforcement officers and service men and women. We do know one thing for sure – this city and the entire country will remain Boston Strong.


Boston weekly photo #15:


Recently I was given a tour of the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) in Kendall Square. The building is 14 floors filled with start-ups who are trying to change the world we live in. Needless to say, it’s an inspiring place to be. I snapped a quick pic out of one of the windows on the 14th floor. It gives you a great view of Cambridge/Boston and the Charles River.


Boston weekly photo #14:

Today I jumped on my bike without any sort of plan. At one point I ended up in Chinatown, so I snapped a quick picture. Beyond this arch are streets teeming with people going to shops and restaurants for authentic Asian items and cuisine. I think I’ll be coming back again soon for some dumpling at the famous Boston Dumpling House.


Boston weekly photo #13

I took this photo during the fall of 2012. I’m hoping we’ll be getting some weather like this again soon. It’s nice to stroll around by the wharfs on a sunny day.


Boston Weekly Photo #12


Charlestown is another historic neighborhood in Boston. The colonial houses help me to envision what life may have been like in the early days of America. This was taken at Winthrop Square in Charlestown.


Boston Weekly Photo #11:





The are a ton of parks in Boston and the surrounding cities. This one is down near the Wharfs and sits right on the water; it’s a nice spot to sit and enjoy a warm day. There are also quite a few restaurants nearby serving fresh seafood.

Bunker Hill

Boston Weekly Photo #10:

Bunker Hill

Here stands the Bunker Hill Monument, site of the legendary Battle of Bunker Hill.¬†At it’s base is a museum dedicated to the battle and American revolutionary history. It’s a popular tourist stop as it lies on the Freedom Trail. My favorite part of this picture may be the bottom right under the lamp post – there is a photographer using some classic equipment to get some shots.


Boston Weekly Photo #9:


This week’s picture speaks for itself. I found this carved into the base of a bridge in Boston while I was out on my bike. I like to see the local pride so clearly on display.