To Live Abroad

If you have looked under the Oslo and Oxford tabs at the top of the page, you will notice that I spent some time overseas.  Last year I was lucky enough to study abroad with 26 other students from my University for two months.  The experience was incredible and unforgettable.  Not only did I see and experience amazing history and culture every day, but I also made many news friends along the way.  You can check out the blog I wrote while I was abroad by clicking on the link to “Eurospring 2011” in the right sidebar.  There are a few pictures there along with 40 or so blog entries from my daily life.

A view of High Street in Oxford from St. Mary the Virgin's Church tower.

The majority of our time (five weeks) was spent in Oxford, UK, where we stayed at Wycliffe Hall.  If you have never been to Oxford – or even if you have – I strongly encourage you to go.  I also recommend that you check it out for free on Google Maps using the street view tool.  Another cool way to get a glimpse is through the Oxford Daily Photo Blog I recently found.

We also did some traveling on the European continent which was spectacular.  I have many memories from my time there as well.  France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Germany and the Netherlands.  A whirlwind three weeks spent in some of the most beautiful cities on earth.  I will be putting up more picture galleries from this trip soon!

All of this being said, two months just wasn’t enough.  That is why I am so focused on returning, not just to visit, but to spend an extended period of time there.  My ultimate goal would be to live in Oxford, but that seems to be a long way off.  My journery to return begins with securing some sort of income here in the United States first.  Over the next few years I will be working hard and saving my money.

The hardest step will be securing employment in a country within the European Union, which is why I have chosen to first sharpen my skills in a professional environment.  I will need to find a position with an employer who is willing to sponsor me.  This will allow me to obtain a working Visa.  I have also been considering teaching English with a TEFL certificate.

Next, comes applying for residency in whatever country I land in.  Residency in an EU country will allow me to move freely throughout the EU, and explore.  Hopefully once I have passed this step I will be able to find more career opportunities as well; that would make my life much easier.

Beyond this I really have no plans, but I am hoping to find a way to make my dreams come true.  My girlfriend was on the study abroad trip with me, and we share the dream of returning some day.  Through dedication and teamwork I know we can make it happen.

Here are some pictures of Oxford.  Also, some random shots of signs and people.  Ask any questions you want!


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