Spring break…again

As some of you may know from a post a while back, my girlfriend and I will be heading to the Boston area for spring break.  It’s not your typical spring break destination, but I’ve found that there is a lot to do and see.  For this reason, and the fact that I fly out on Saturday, I have decided to talk about my trip again.

I thought I’d share some things I found to do in the suburbs of Boston where we’ll be staying.  There are so many lists of things to do in Boston, but not a whole lot featuring the area we’ll be in.  Some of these things we may actually do, others we may not, it really depends on the weather for some.

Things to do in Somerville

Things to do in Cambridge

There are many more things to do, but these were two sites that I thought had some good things to do.  I also like how they feature things/places that locals do/go.

One place I am really looking forward to visiting in Boston is Beacon Hill.  It is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Boston, and in the United States for that matter.

Planning things to do  can really rely on the you’re expecting.  Weather can play a huge role in any vacation to New England, so knowing how to pack is also important.  I found a a short bit on how to dress and what kind of temperatures to expect: Boston in the Spring.  Basically, be prepared for the worst.  Wear layers because you can always remove them if it is warmer than expected.

I have to keep this post short, but I hope to write a bit more about the Boston area before I take off.


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