Snow and Tests

There is currently a mild blizzard outside my window.  My part of the state has been fortunate to have not been hit too hard.  It seems to have gone south of here, and some parts of the state are reporting over a foot of fresh stuff since last night.  The storm is suppose to pass by  tomorrow, and I am hoping that the forecast is correct as it could play a role in my travel plans.  Here’s to hoping that the MSP Airport is up and running efficiently…

Between now and Friday (the day I am leaving town) I have two midterm tests.  One is today and the other tomorrow.  These tests, and about 10 more hours of work, are all that stand between me and a week long vacation.  It is much needed this time of year.  Winter break is simply too short to replenish my batteries and get me fully motivated to attack Spring semester head on.  Also, with it being my final semester and my 5th year, I am more than ready to close the books for a while and start my new life.  This post needs to be short because I need to get back to studying, but I do plan to snap a couple pictures of the fresh snow and upload them later.


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