I always find myself looking to the future, both in my personal life and my professional life. Recently, I’ve had encouraging discussion about both.

I have successfully completed my first 6 months at my job. I know it may not seem like a real accomplishment, but I think it is. I came to a new place, to a new job with very little knowledge of life in a start-up company. The incredible pace at which we operate on a daily basis makes me appreciate my 6 month marker. So far I have enjoyed every day and am looking forward to the coming days, weeks and months.

As is typical, I had a review session with my supervisor recently. It all went very well and was a great platform for feedback to flow in both directions. I’m happy to report that all is going well. I hope to have more news in the future about my job and company.

In my personal life there have been some great times recently. My girlfriend came to visit over the past weekend. We had a lot of fun and spent most of the weekend outside, walking and enjoying each others’ company. We searched for dream homes in Beacon Hill and strolled through Boston Common taking in the sunshine. She plans to move out East to join me upon her graduation in May, and I can’t wait.

Other than that, I’ve just been plugging away at daily life. I’m happy to be where I am.