Boston Weekly Photo #6:

The Castle

This week’s photo comes from the Boston University campus. This building is fittingly known as The Castle (if you zoom in you can see a small red sign labeled as such.) If you click the hyperlink you’ll find that it is used as a venue for special events. It would make a very unique place for a wedding reception or holiday party. I hope to find my way inside one of these days for a peek at the interior.



Boston Weekly Photo #5:


Went for another bike ride over the weekend, and stumbled across this dilapidated building near TD Garden. It is a massive structure built right on the water’s edge with a large dock, which I assume used to be some sort of receiving area. As you can see in the bottom of the picture, the dock has had the same fate as the building it is attached to. It seemed as though the was some work happening inside the building, so maybe this building will receive a renovation – or a replacement.


Boston weekly photo #4:

Snow in the Yard

This picture was taken in Harvard Yard in Cambridge while I was walking to the T station one morning. We had gotten a couple of inches of snow in the early hours of the morning and I couldn’t resist taking a photo of the Yard. The trees looked amazing draped in the fresh snowfall, and the entire campus transforms under a layer of gleaming snow. It’s the first real winter weather I’ve experienced since I’ve been in the Boston area, and I can’t wait for more!

Coast Guard

Boston Weekly Photo #3:

Coast Guard

I took this picture while I was on a bike ride down by the harbor. The U.S. Coast Guard has a few boats on the water so I took a quick snapshot of this one. It’s fun to live right on the coast and get to see the boats and ships move between the harbor and the open sea.

Week 2

Boston Weekly Photo #2:

Frog Pond

This week I chose to feature the Frog Pond in Boston Common. I was strolling through the park the other day and decided to snap a quick shot of ice skaters enjoying a beautiful day. The Frog Pond is a popular spot during all seasons. While in the the winter it is filled with skaters, the warm summer weather brings families and children down to the pond to cool off in its shallow water and fountains. It is one of my favorite spots in Boston, and the dusting of snow and metropolitan backdrop made it ideal for this week’s photo.

Boston Weekly Photo

While I was on a bike ride through Boston today I was thinking of my time spent abroad. As my mind wandered I thought of one of my favorite blogs,, and was inspired. Instead of trying to create long posts on a monthly basis, I’ll try something new. I plan to post a photo and brief description of the picture weekly. This should keep things interesting and increase activity on my end.

To kick things off…
Back Bay

This is one of my favorite areas of Boston, Back Bay. The neighborhood is made up of those quintessentially Boston brownstone buildings. There are always people strolling the sidewalks and gazing at the architecture. There is also a lot of great shopping and dining in the area for locals and tourists alike.