Boston weekly photo #14:

Today I jumped on my bike without any sort of plan. At one point I ended up in Chinatown, so I snapped a quick picture. Beyond this arch are streets teeming with people going to shops and restaurants for authentic Asian items and cuisine. I think I’ll be coming back again soon for some dumpling at the famous Boston Dumpling House.


Boston weekly photo #13

I took this photo during the fall of 2012. I’m hoping we’ll be getting some weather like this again soon. It’s nice to stroll around by the wharfs on a sunny day.


Boston Weekly Photo #12


Charlestown is another historic neighborhood in Boston. The colonial houses help me to envision what life may have been like in the early days of America. This was taken at Winthrop Square in Charlestown.


Boston Weekly Photo #11:





The are a ton of parks in Boston and the surrounding cities. This one is down near the Wharfs and sits right on the water; it’s a nice spot to sit and enjoy a warm day. There are also quite a few restaurants nearby serving fresh seafood.

Bunker Hill

Boston Weekly Photo #10:

Bunker Hill

Here stands the Bunker Hill Monument, site of the legendary Battle of Bunker Hill.¬†At it’s base is a museum dedicated to the battle and American revolutionary history. It’s a popular tourist stop as it lies on the Freedom Trail. My favorite part of this picture may be the bottom right under the lamp post – there is a photographer using some classic equipment to get some shots.