European Cars

Cars represent a true passion in my life.  I was reading a blog I recently began follow, Classic Confusion, and got inspired to share a short post with some photos.

While I was in Europe for two months last spring I was able to snap a few shots of some of the beautiful cars that I saw.  That being said, I wasn’t quick enough with my camera sometimes (especially on the autobahns).  I can recall numerous cars from Porsche: 911, Cayman, Boxster, Panamera; Ford: Escort Cosworth, Fiesta ST, Focus ST & RS; Maserati: Quattroporte, Granturismo; BMW: 1 series M coupe, M3, M5, M6; Ferrari: 360, 430 (Scuderia), 458, California, 599; Audi: R8 (V10); Lamborghini: Aventador (brand new in Munich!), Gallardo; Bentley: Continental GT; Rolls Royce: Phantom; and many, many more.

Here are some I was able to get pictures of, you’ll also notice some pictures of rally cars which I explain later on:

Now for my car fix I have begun rewatching all of the Top Gear episodes that are on NetFlix!

Besides street cars, I am a huge fan of racing.  I enjoy Formula 1, British Touring Car Championship, World Tour Car Championship, Le Mans (Euro and American), and pretty much any kind of racing that involves turning both ways (not you NASCAR).  My very favorite, however, is rally racing.  No other motorsport can deliver the same kind of excitement as rally.  Thankfully there are so many sanctioning bodies in rally racing that there is a race almost every weekend of the year to keep me happy.  I try to follow the WRC, IRC, Rally America, BRC, and a few smaller circuits as much as possible.  Also, I look forward to being actively involved in rally racing in the future with the Rally Russel‘s team.